A compass for efficient time management

2020 Blog, Other

Those who have issues with time management should’ve gotten plenty of advice on how to manage their time more efficiently. Things like “Early to bed, early to rise!”, “Plan your week in advance!”, “Have a roster of tasks!” are ideas, tricks that are simply inadequate for them. Such people need a change in perspective more, regarding what fundamental principles they want to follow with their time management to increase productivity.

The first and foremost misunderstanding regarding time management is that we are desperate to sort our time into chunks and assign them. If we set deadlines for ourselves, frustration will follow by default. In some cases, a deadline may become motivational, but we won’t become more productive by measuring every task in hours and minutes.

It’s more advantageous for us if we concentrate on truly important tasks.  Those are worth the several times over increased energy though. They make results also increase several times. Of course, this makes us capable of doing less daily tasks, but we shouldn’t make mistakes here: one task is enough, if it weighs enough for a true change.

If we plan something in advance, we like to keep to the original idea. However, if for some reason, we can’t keep this, frustration appears. Therefore, in many cases, energy is overspent on us trying to keep ourselves to the original idea, instead of rethinking our approach. We need to be more flexible with tasks and time, and we can reach better results!