Balanced lifestyle – healthy body, healthy mind

2018 Blog, Other

The goal of Project Life Management is to educate people to consider awareness. If we interpret this liberally, indirect effects also include educating for a healthy lifestyle.
The person thinking in a project perspective structures their life, their everyday activity in a way that a healthy lifestyle is a fundamentally integrated consideration. They are capable of making the correct decisions regarding their own lifestyle, creating a healthy lifestyle overall, as they are aware that a bodily, spiritual, and mental health and its development is a necessary factor for their inner balance and success.

The goals of developing our spiritual health are

✓ to aid the balanced development of our psyche, which is sufficiently supported by a healthy self-confidence,
✓ to support us in adapting to the ever-changing environment, by efficiently and successfully handling conflicts,
✓ to prepare us against the hazardous effects coming from our environment, and to offer solution strategies for them; in other words, to make us learn how to handle and correctly process our failure experiences and stressful situations, thereby decreasing the negative effects these situations have on the development of our personalities.

People thinking with awareness consider everyday physical activity to be a fundamental part of their lives, because they are capable of making decisions which are correct for their lifestyles, creating a healthy lifestyle overall, and they also aim to integrate this health awareness into the thought processes of those around them, making it part of their everyday activities as well. Maintaining our bodies, and physical activities have a significant role in preventing and avoiding illnesses, accidents, and injury, and altogether keeping our health.
Awareness related to eating habits is also a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle: those who take care to be decisive about this, and about what they eat, intentionally buy healthy, quality products full of vitamins and minerals.