Career starters facing a decision

2020 Blog, Other

The Project Life Management training on 15. 10. 2019 at Lillafüred was held by Dr. Györgyi Lakatosné Szuhai, concept creator of PLM Programme. The training was introduced through the examples of specific tasks to be solved during our lives, showing that project management tools can indeed be employed for private life.

Taking a few sample decisions of career starters, because there are a multitude of things that they have to debate at the same time.

There are countless questions, which have an effect on their later lives, which is why they need to decide with awareness. They need to understand the effects of their decisions, and deliberate more and more alternatives, as it’s not assured that everything will work out for them right away. In these situations, they need to re-plan, think through, find the point or step that needs to be changed, and gather strength to once again realise the goal.

Why is all this important? Because if they have negative experiences, failures in this age, they can suffer a wound on their self-respect, self-confidence, may become frustrated, thereby affecting their entire lives in the end.

In order to reach specific goals, career starters need to take various perspectives and steps into consideration. Goals need to be matched to deadlines, costs to resources. These are various projects in set circumstances, which need to be managed, and by applying knowledge areas, project goals can be realised.