Educating children for sustainability

2019 Blog, Other

Dynamically accelerating development tendencies and globalisation caused a constant reshaping in communities as well, which has an effect on the central pivot of corporate strategy concerning our futures. Sustainable development has an effect on everyone, and in sustainable development, child raising has an important role as well. Raising children in the name of sustainability may result from a permanent, constantly accelerating process where economic success and social life quality getting adapted to economic practice will obtain a key role. This increases competitiveness with innovative solutions, and has a positive effect on sustainable development. Currently, the most notable error of educating sustainability is that education is usually very topic-specific (f. e. Environmental protection, Biology, Geography), which makes the process very ‘monochrome’. Sustainable development, however, isn’t just about environmental questions. This may be solved by the students being educated using a systematic perspective. Female legal rights, equality or freedom of religion, or even financial know-how are all elements of the system of sustainability. Students need to be told this, however. In the case of the students, education of sustainability can only be successful if the knowledge they learn forms a single system in their heads, learned during various different topics. In order to transform their thought processes, and the way humanity works as a whole, critical thinking also needs to be represented in the elements of child raising, as this is what aids the identification of creative solutions efficiently.