Everyday efficient logistics

2019 Blog, Other

Most people that have a family in today’s fast-paced everyday lives, matching the tasks of work to the challenges of child raising may pose a significant problem. Using PLM, we can learn to efficiently manage and exploit the human resources at our disposal. In everyday life, this basically means that we employ colleagues, family members and/or friends with free capacity for child raising, tasks around the house, or even at work.

Naturally, there are situations in life where we can’t assume that anyone will be helping us. This means we’ll have to challenge these problems alone. The person thinking in the framework of PLM won’t panic even in these cases, as logically thinking through the order of where, when and what to do will show the answer. It’s important that said person leaves enough time for every task done, as anything can happen. This person trusts their own competences, and starts the tasks at hand. The basis of efficient organising is flexible reaction, meaning the competence to re-plan. This is necessary to follow change, which is constant in our current World.