Intentional child-rearing

2018 Blog, Other

Our thought processes, the way we approach a problem, or a certain point in our lives all have an effect on our actions. The main goal that Project Life Management set for itself is to educate people to be more aware, and to integrate awareness into thought processes, and the project perspective into our everyday lives. By trying to view things from a different angle, or approach problems from a different perspective, we begin a process within ourselves, which will integrate after a while, and become a fixed element in our behaviour.

In order to create the habit of thinking in a project perspective as early as possible within someone, and to make it a habit which comes naturally – as the person should not always try to guide their thoughts into new routes due to external and internal effects – they have to be affected by urges from as early as childhood, which affect them in a way that they are compelled to learn and live their lives in the framework of awareness. If the example given by the parents follows this aware and intentional life planning, and life organising, the child will copy its parents’ behaviour, either intentionally or unintentionally, beginning to share their perspectives and attitudes. This is what will make the child cultivate awareness in its thought processes is a completely everyday habit.