Project management elements in lifestyle counsel

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Nowadays, enterprises dealing with various kinds of lifestyle counsel are on the rise. They aim to offer help to private individuals and families, mostly those that have some sort of crisis at hand.

The many upon many of life management advisory books, awareness-raising publishing and attention seeking advertisements barely offer some that specifically refers to project management’s usage. There are a few writings on the internet, which mentions the applicability of project management as a new idea. Among those, the (myfamilydigest) suggests the distribution and written recording of everyday tasks among family members. “Some people simply surrender in the war against chaos. They free their lives, accept that the lack of order is natural.” (myfamilydigest). Instead of lack of order, they recommend using the steps of project management, but according to the examples, it’s simply about a better organising of household tasks.

We have a huge array of “change your life today!” mottos and their related books on the bookstore shelf to choose from, which are as numerous as the stars – and are of very varied quality. An author dealing with life- and thought style consultation, Brian Tracy says in his book that the most important step on the road towards big dreams is to describe our ideal future. According to his book, we can determine that creating the ideal future starts with writing out the list of dreams, with a precise plan made step by step. Furthermore, he also stresses the importance of a goal being clear, measurable and dependent on a deadline. Wishes or hopes are not goals, since they’re blurry and not perfectly understandable.

This step, particularly the answer to the questions “Where are we” and “Where do we wish to go”, is an integral part of literature referring to project management as well.

Based on the (myfamilydigest) article, answering the following questions may help with using project management knowledge:

  • What are your dreams?
  • What do you want to realise of these today?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What can you do in order to efficiently realise them in your everyday life?
  • What are your to-dos for today?
  • What will you do today for your self-expression? (

It is time to start thinking about the questions, and seriously attempt finding the answers!