The power of visualised tasks

2019 Blog, Other

In our previous blog post, we did a summary of a few thoughts on creating written plans frequently, and its methods, based on a 2017 research conducted by PLM. However, why is it important to pour our thoughts into a visual form, note our goals, and the tasks and deadlines related to them?

For most people today, writing means e-mails, SMS, Facebook chat, perhaps the ‘at work’ to-dos, and administration. However, in many cases, if we also write out our private goals and hopes, we’ll be surprised how much it helps with reaching our goals. Writing out goals makes reaching them much more realistic. Especially if they’re explicit, measurable, and possible, reasonable and timed well. When we write things down, we can also check how realistic our aims are, and what we need to do in order to reach our goals. A written plan helps us logically measure the realisation potential of our projects.

By prioritising and writing out our goals and plans, and keeping a constant look on the tasks to be done, we can avoid wasting energy on less important tasks or newer tasks instead of the really important ones.  A written plan with proper deadlines can be seen as the key to good time management, which is a straight path towards proper self-management.

Writing out our private life tasks, and organising them into an order would offer help to today’s task management because if we always have the tasks before our eyes, and use that as reference for realisation, and conduct the same things again and again, it will develop into a routing, which means we may neglect thinking about the next step, as everything goes according to reason.