For processes can be developed, it’s never too late…

2018 Blog, Other

Regardless of age, gender, familial status, et cetera, in any phase of our own lives, we may have dreams, which can propel us towards realising our goals. Being aware that some conditions might have to be fulfilled is advised, as most people don’t spend enough time and energy on shaping their dreams into realistically reachable goals, and are providing excuses and explanations for why they didn’t dare to start instead.

As our age progresses, we daydream less and less, which can be derived from the fact that as we get older and older, we experience more and more about the world around ourselves, we live through more and more of the things which we used to daydream about, which makes us not willing to chase wild geese.
From the very moment of our birth, our brain is in the process of developing, we are bombarded with more and more urges, we become more and more experienced. Therefore, as adults, we daydream about very different things, compared to those we used to daydream about as children. We try to find more realistic goals, and in light of our collected life experiences, we become capable of more clearly setting a balance between unreachable and realistic dreams.

In order to shape our dreams into realistically achievable goals, we will need to use an analytic and creative thought process. Not only use though, we will also have to learn and develop it. Someone being in possession of the main factors of both analytic and creative thinking on the same level is exceptionally rare. Some people are capable of organising their knowledge, and identifying relations and linkage points from a very early age. Meanwhile, other people stand out from the masses using their creative capability, which results in the birth of multiple new, unusual, and valuable, useful thoughts, solutions, and ideas. Both thought processes can be developed, if we believe that we don’t have the necessary balance, or harmony in our thought process. Within the framework of competence development programs, creative thought process can be learned, and developed. This incites the person to aim towards something new, similarly to an analytic thought process, which is indispensable for us to create order around ourselves, and to identify the unique within the many.