Summary of the Croatian partner organisation’s research report

2019 Blog, Other

The leader of our Croatian partner organisation CEDEX Croatia, Anton Florijan Barisic held a presentation during the workshop in Hajdúszoboszló, in which she introduced the results of the nation report conducted in Croatia. This concerned the local experiences on the level of knowledge project management, its toolset, and its applicability to private life among the general populace.

In Croatia, project management tools and methods are mainly taught in the business environment as postgraduate courses and training, in spite of how people use the tools and methods of project management in all walks of life, even if not intentionally.

Similarly to domestic research results, Croatia doesn’t have a complex education system or obtainable teaching materials thematically about the process system and knowledge areas of project management. No material teaches people context-based leadership, life management-related competences, etc. There are a variety of courses and training opportunities to improve communication skills, presentation skills, time management, financial economisation, etc, but an all-encompassing complex education is lacking both on elementary and higher education, and even from informal teaching institutions.