Challenges of digitalisation

2019 Blog, Other

Digital development exists to aid and support wellbeing of people, among its many other positive effects that ease our everyday lives, however, we should also turn towards the hazards of “online existence” just as much. Dr. Györgyi Lakatosné Szuhai stressed during her presentation in Kolozsvár that the digitalised world completely absorbs young generations, and they consider communicating with friends and acquaintances online perfectly natural. Their relationships are basic, they don’t transmit actual knowledge or information, which is why systematic perspective should be introduced to traditional education, and the usage of aware life management’s toolset, so that instead of the outlook and basic nature of their existence, they show awareness in planning and organising their lives, and consider the “online” world as it is, what it is. Furthermore, the discussion also touched upon the advancement of digitalisation on the labour market, and digital competences as a key competence in the XXI. Century.

The following few blogposts will introduce the abovementioned topics in detail, due to its actuality and importance.