In the shadow of digitalisation

2019 Blog, Other

Though digitalisation has many positive effects on our lives – we can handle many a thing in but a moment, meaning we gain usable free time – it also has a dark side, which we may want to consider, or it may “absorb” us, or our children into the online existence, and we may want to prove ourselves to completely impossible demands.

The man of the XXI. Century almost immediately knows everything, exists everywhere – if need be, in multiple places at a time – and can choose among a multitude of options. If this wave seems to die down, first, there’s a feeling of lacking, followed by possible trauma for others. Fear that we may be left out of something may often cause us to be perpetually alert, so that we don’t skip an essential message. This causes many to always keep an eye on social media, or refreshing their e-mail over and over, and generally immediately jumping at every notification sound. We get stressed out when an important information doesn’t reach us with sufficient speed.

Smartphones are extremely useful tools, but sometimes, we might want to look at ourselves objectively, and determine if this causes time with the family to diminish.