Fieldwork towards Nagykanizsa – hosted by the Civilian Round Table Fellowship

2020 Blog, Other

The host of the July fieldwork is the Civilian Round Table Fellowship of Nagykanizsa, established circa 2005.

The mission of the fellowship is to create civilian activity and value, and develop the social responsibility of the civilian sector, using and executing projects. The organisation of civilian presence, by generating and executing social development projects. Non-profit service obligations through social responsibility, and spreading volunteer work activity and its knowledge and impression within society. High-quality services on the social front work as their tool in fighting poverty and social exclusion. They organise charity events and actions to help those living in areas struck by catastrophe.

The fellowship stresses the importance of social responsibility and volunteer work for young adults, they have several volunteer programmes for the youth.

Volunteer work is one of the most important tools in helping others, and for youths at the start of their career, it offers a chance to earn the first work- and life experiences. Volunteer work prompts youths to get better knowledge of themselves, and develop their communication and empathy skills, or generate more and more new goals for themselves.

The overall goal of the Nagykanizsa fieldwork was to gain knowledge on the methods and experiences the fellowship earned – especially on the field of education – keeping in mind how their target groups have a significant similarity with the target groups for PLM and its partner organisations’ services.