Generation of digital project managers

2019 Blog, Other

One of our topics during our Balatonfüred workshop was christened “Generation of digital project managers”. The topic has a strong relation to the manager & leader roles, meaning context-based leadership, already introduced in an earlier blog post.

By making the digital life an actual lifestyle, we could see a sort of movement from information management towards the efficient usage of information technology, which causes project manager competences necessitate development. Knowledge management, virtual project team management and such need to become key competences. An extra benefit of an agile personality is that apart from traditional manager roles, having leadership knowledge is basic for project managers, however, teaching it, and learning it are much harder than obtaining project manager technical knowledge and developing it. Context-based leadership and dynamically changing systems being used for work are reliant on choosing the correct tool, meaning the capability to choose the best-matching tools and methods from the toolset of project management in a situation. There’s a lack of training or education specifically aiming at offering these capabilities or competences, though digitalisation and technological development changes multiple areas of our lives, to which our only chance of reacting is if we are prepared when the changes reach us.