How do dreams become goals?

2018 Blog, Other

Our goals control our lives. Well-defined, well-determined goals always propel us forward. Having our dreams and goals firmly in our heads is not enough, we also have to write them in as much detail, and as descriptively as possible. We have to see an early picture about what we wish to reach, in order to create the necessary steps to do so.
We have to precisely determine our goals, and we have to link timeframes to them. Setting the timeframes, and abiding by them is one of the most important factors of planning, as it makes dreams become actually realisable goals.
The final goal always has to be in the focus, however, we should also determine partial goals along the road leading to our final goal. As these goals are based on each other, leading us closer and closer to a successful realisation. We always have to define and set our goals in a way that they are in equilibrium with the different aspects of our lives. The three most important areas which are advised to be organised as harmonically as possible for the sake of our goals-to-be-set are personal/family-related goals, professional/work-related goals, and learning/self-development related goals.