Hungarian society isn’t open enough to innovation

2019 Blog, Other

During the development and promotion of the PLM programme, despite getting countless positive reactions and support, oftentimes we faced the fact that the audience weren’t sufficiently open to the basic concept of the programme, and didn’t understand why there’s a need for such a novelty instead of routine, traditional methods.

As we know, innovation is important for all areas of life, and nowadays, became an irreplaceable part of development. In spite of this, so-called social innovation makes us somewhat reluctant.

All in all, there’s a need to change the attitude, the outlook of people, which is also a goal that the PLM programme pursues. However, while people have scepticism and ignorance towards the novelties of the programme, we can’t take a positive step forward.

There are many, perhaps long-standing reasons for the pessimism of Hungarians, but this negative Hungarian picture needs to be changed by a much, much more open, non-biased society’s global association.