Even our LIVES, even our PRIVATE LIVES cannot be separated from projectisation

2018 Blog, Other

The “projectisation of everything”, or the future belongs to the project society. We already mentioned it several times that nowadays, we don’t look at the project as a tool used by an organisation for a certain case, as nowadays, the tendency of projectisation can be applied to the entirety of the economy, or the society.

Socio-economic changes shape our environment in a way that whether we like it or not, we adapt to changes which can only be forecast in the short term. As the future we can forecast shortens more and more, determining our targets and goals on the short term becomes possible. As we cannot plan for a longer period of time, everybody aims to be flexible. Just as it was for economic organisations. The shortening of the timeframe also causes the other side of planning and organising our environment to lengthen.


We can see simultaneous transitions in all areas: the tactics of sports, the fight against terrorism, choosing a partner in life, architecture and area organisation, spatial design, pedagogy, leadership and management, dance, offering social aid, or avoiding epidemics. However, the phenomenon of everything being “projectised” doesn’t come from a specific institution linked to a certain area of society, as areas inspire and infect each other with more transient and flexible forms of organising, which we sometimes call projects, and sometimes something else (one-night stand, or terrorist action).

The velocity with which the factors determining our lives change has become increasingly fast in recent years, the possibility of forecasting them is becoming less and less, and as a result of that, even our private lives cannot be considered without “projectisation”.

Before finalising a marriage, which will last for an entire lifetime (or nowadays, for a shorter term) is preceded by a series of adventures, which all can be considered separate projects. The child-rearing project, the employment project, or the project structured for spending free time all have to be managed by us. And the projects we listed here – usually of longer breath – also carry multiple smaller projects within them, which force us to make constant decisions.


Leaving decisions for a later date, taking part in multiple projects at the same time, and linking project together in order to reach a synergy effect are becoming more and more typical of our private lives as well, therefore, learning and using project management techniques, tools, and the project perspective itself may serve to be a good aid for us.