Open workshop in Hajdúszoboszló – Hotel Aurum

2018 Blog, Other
16 July

Seeing how successful our previous workshop in Balatonfüred was, we will organise another open workshop on 16. July, in Hajdúszoboszló, in order to spread project-based life management’s opportunities and advantages of usage as widely as possible.

We will hold a workshop, and brainstorming for our partners cooperating with us as part of our international project dubbed “project-based life management” in Hajdúszoboszló, on the 16. and 17. of July. Our goal is to research and discuss the service analysed as part of the project – educating project-based life management, as a perspective, and as a competence – and its role fulfilled in international education. Furthermore, we wish to strengthen our cooperation with our international partner organisations even more. Apart from the international sharing of experiences, we also offer an open insight, where you can personally familiarise yourselves with the methodological background of a project-based life management, and we will also offer help with the usage of project management techniques within your private lives. Using everyday examples, we will introduce how, using what method, and among what circumstances we can employ the tools of project management to organising our everyday lives.
The spiritual parent of the project, Györgyi Szuhai Lakatosné will hold a three hour long interactive discussion, where she will aim to answer all questions about the topic and share her personal experiences as well.