PLM research 2017 / opinions about the usability of PM in private life /

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As we already mentioned in our earlier blog post, PLM did research in 2017 to obtain information for the planned promotion of the PLM approach and technique. Information would concern the current knowledge about project management, and its use beyond business.

In this post, we will introduce the results which show if those who know, or “heard of” PM, find it and its practical application usable for managing private life.

According to the significant majority of all participants, the processes of PM – be it easily, or with difficulty – can be used beyond the world of economic projects.

Nearly half of those asked found it not only usable, but uses it themselves, or at least, aims to use the processes of PM in their private lives. Most non-positive answers came for preparation, then monitoring and closure steps.

On the adaptation of its knowledge base, about a fourth of the participants said that they are not applicable to private life, 30-40% that though they think it’s applicable, they themselves wouldn’t do so, whereas 40-50% of the participants consider it applicable, and they themselves do so as well.

The research also covered if there are participants who think that all the cycles’ processes and tools, and all the areas of knowledge are equally applicable or not. As according to the PLM approach, PM is a system in which all elements are applicable to private life, and are worth to employ systematically.

The opinions on the feasibility of adapting the knowledge areas was much more spread out than that of the cycles. Due to their more ‘talkative’ names, knowledge areas easier to interpret only got refused by 4,2% and 18,7% categorical acceptance. However, we can state that the more projects one took part in, the stronger he/she believes that the tools and knowledge areas of PM are applicable to private life.