Quality of education and unemployment rate are inversely proportional

2020 Blog, Other

About the September Think Tank, we already uploaded a blog showing that one of the most notable initiatives of today is to create a tighter cooperation between education and employment, as unemployment rate can also be decreased by making education more applicable to labour market demands.

Apart from the real initiative to make labour supply adapt to labour market demands, labour employment is decisively impacted by the professional knowledge and capability to be employed of the employee. Another factor is the potential learning capacity.

It’s statistically validated that the quality of education and unemployment rate are inversely proportional, therefore, reducing unemployment can be done via increasing education level.

There are various studies in support of the international tendency, where adult-age learning is generally frequented by youth – 25-29 – and already highly educated people, as the further investment into human resource brings these people the highest benefit. In truth, the handicapped of the labour market are the groups which have the smallest demand for increasing education, knowledge base, etc. They’re the ones feeling their education level’s impact on their expectations towards escaping their current lives and improving their labour market positions the least.