The internally driven man

2019 Blog, Other

Today’s dynamic World results in how everything around us becoming less personal, and we become more and more lonely. This made the role and effect of social media more pronounced. Many almost live their entire lives on such platforms, they keep connected to others here, furthermore, it often becomes the all-important source of information for them. Therefore, we can often experience looking at the successes (or alleged successes) of others’ careers and private lives. This may have a plethora of detrimental effects on our lives, as we feel that ours in comparison is more and more empty and devoid of successes, which may lead to problems in our image of ourselves, and a lack of self-confidence. These are further dramatised by the fact that within the “real world”, there are too many expectations we have to meet, which are hard to match with each other, making us less “acceptable”. In this “fight”, we are left even more lonely.

All these result in how someone who experiences failure often, or isn’t good at processing a failure may become depressed, causing not himself/herself for the lack of success, but the outside World.

Opposite of them are the internally driven people who are aware of their situation, options, resources and lacking parts, facing them, and based on their knowledge, determining their specific to-dos in order to realise their dreams. If something doesn’t go as planned, they don’t blame others for it, and consider what they did wrong instead, and correct their following steps. In other words, even if they don’t apply project management’s tools and steps intentionally, they still use them intuitively.