The individual usefulness of aware life management, or the PLM concept

2019 Blog, Other

Planning, in other words, mapping the route from wish and dream to realisation is considered the most important, and indispensible step of the PLM concept. Basically, this means the same thing psychology calls the ‘problem-solving thought process’. Namely, to be able to create the logical link between our problems and their respective solutions. Separating the elements that are fundamental components of the problem in question and the ones that are relatively less important requires mental acumen, just like prioritising the goals and solutions derived from the problem, and taking the necessary resources into account.

This covers competences and experiences that project management and project design offers a well-defined and practice-validated knowledge and toolset for, since one of the fundamental requirements of projects is that the project task be clear, and devoid of grounds for misunderstanding.

Most project planning and control methods are basically determining the optimal activity order, and allocating the respective resources necessary. In managerial theory, following the metaphor of the generic systematic concept, projects need to be researched in their entirety, including its sum of parts, and the interlinks between said parts, as the better the structure of parts is, the better the whole will become. This basically applies to problem solving thought process as well. Therefore, we recommend using the thought process and tools of project management in education, and developing problem solving thought process.