The life of others – living online, suffering offline

2019 Blog, Other

According to a research conducted in America, the less time we spend on the sites of social media, the less we feel lonely. Never was it so easy to obtain information about the things happening to our most long-distance friends. The Internet, and social media created the framework to basically share anything with anyone anytime. However, the endless and unburdened exposition has its own drawbacks as well – nowadays, as our awareness as users increase, we more often ask the question if it’s fine if everyone knows I’m out of home for a week?

Another danger of social media is that it may lead to insecurity, stress and a severely hit self-assessment, and in the worst cases, even depression, if we use it too much, with too little idea on how to. If a person always checks the content shared by other people, which are mainly about the better half of their lives, he or she may easily be deluded into thinking that the lives of others are much better, more interesting, or happier. These thoughts may poison their self-assessment. Therefore, experts believe it’s dangerous to go too far in using social media. Continuously scrolling may become an unnecessary waste of time easily, which has no real return at all, yet in turn, may cause plenty of hazards.