Private courses of the PLM Academy

2019 Blog, Other

In our earlier blog post, we already covered the opening of the Project Life Management Academy, which offer courses for giving personalised target group-specific knowledge by well-known trainers, and professional experts. Now, we’d like to spare a few words about exactly whom we offer this opportunity to.

We consider the following social groups our most important target groups among private individuals:

The young people searching for their way in the digitised World of today, and try to adapt to a misguided image of said World in which the border between virtual and reality is constantly blurred.

To young mothers returning from childbirth who see a problem in entering, or returning the labour market, most notably because of the lack of key competences, or the hardships of balancing the working adult and family woman roles.

To “those awake and those waking up”, who are lost among unreachable objectives, high expectations and experiences of failure in realising their life tasks, and thus experience frustration; who have hardships in relation to the prioritising process, but feel that it’s not too late to place the management of their lives on a new basis.

To the “wise” ones, who think it important to live a quality life, even after the years went by, wanting to keep the tempo with the novelties of the ever-developing technological World, and to leave a legacy of knowledge that will raise the younger generation to be more aware.

In the end, we sincerely recommend the courses of the PLM Academy to any and all who wish to learn a perspective, a guideline lasting a lifetime, and who wish for their family to live in harmony. To those, who think it important to create a balance between work and private life, and who wish to be more satisfied and tranquil.