Corporate courses of the PLM Academy

2019 Blog, Other

We already introduced the courses the PLM Academy offers to private individuals, so let’s move on to the corporations dedicated to social responsibility, and take a look at who we recommend to, and why we recommend the courses of the Academy.

To leaders, who find it important to “educate” their employees for awareness, who feel it necessary to motivate their employees, earning their loyalty, integrating the younger generation, decreasing the generation gap, and finding the balance between work and private life.

To decision makers who feel it important to care for talent and solve the problems of social responsibility.

To leaders who realised that youths and those fresh out of universities find it most difficult to cope with lacking key competences (information search- and management, group work, adaptive and flexible thinking, problem solving, conflict management), that are necessary to face the challenges of the labour market of the XXI. Century.

To all leaders and employees that wish to live with awareness and conclusiveness; wish to profit from the importance of a realistic goal and future hopes both in work and in private life; exploit the correct use of communication channels, self-management and learn the correct use of re-planning capability.