Results of planning and awareness

2019 Blog, Other

The PLM Programme stresses it time and again: for our own lives, we alone are responsible, in the project of our life, we are the project manager. Planning and awareness result in getting a better picture about ourselves, we can take responsibility for our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, and we’ll become more practical-oriented. Life itself will advance towards what we decided as the main route. This is due to how successes provide more motivation and self-assurance, enriching the successful person with more competences.

We truly believe that those who try using project management processes and tools for their own personal private life projects as well, will be assured that they are effective, thereby causing these people to take the initiative in looking for more tools to ‘projectise’ their dreams. In the words of Endre Kovács: “This methodology is a life perspective, which is also perfectly applicable to our everyday life. Once someone is taken, said person will use these glasses on their outlook, approaching new challenges equipped with them.”