Opportunities to cooperate with the HR Club of Miskolc

2019 Blog, Other

The location of the 2. May outing was the actual gathering of the HR Club of Miskolc. The goal for which the club was established is to create a strong professional community via the connections of the theoretical and practical fields’ experts, thereby facilitating sharing experiences, knowledge, holding conferences, workshops, and other HR events, during which participants help each other.

Local civilian organisations and corporations dedicated to social responsibility sent their delegates to the 2. May conference, and apart from them, delegates of the organisation tasked with realising the project in Hungary, the Européer Foundation, Dr. József Poór, delegate of the Slovakian partner, and Kinga Kerekes, delegate of the Romanian partner.

During this event, a detailed introduction of the Project Life Management was done, during which the host organisations discovered opportunities for cooperation from multiple perspectives. Local organisations and corporations’ leaders explored a problem most prevalent on current labour market: the reasons for the lack of educated labour force. The PLM Programme has a strong connection with the issue, as it offers a complete system through corporate education, and directly to the employees, which can be used to learn the key competences necessary for labour market integration.

Furthermore, the delegates of the Foundation introduced the education opportunities using the widely employed toolset and methods of project management as part of the social responsibility. This is aimed at the special target group of PLM, the most disadvantaged, who need the most efficient help in labour market integration.