Our lives are series of projects

2019 Blog, Other

During all our events, our motto sentence “nowadays, we can’t consider life as a single project anymore” is mentioned.

Learning a profession, or earning a diploma won’t guarantee lifelong happiness anymore. However, one thing is for sure: without professions and school certificates, there’s no way forward. We don’t even consider going to retirement from our first workplace, like we used to some time ago.

However, it’s worth (and important) to note that searching for a new workplace also has its own rhyme and reason, which makes planning possible.

Therefore, we can say that our lives are series or projects, which flow together. These are processes which can be understood, the main specifics of which can be identified, therefore, are plannable.

As such, realising our dreams are a series of consecutive projects that are transparent, which can be managed with extreme efficiency using the processes, tools and methods of classic project management.