Financial awareness is gaining ground in Hungary

2019 Blog, Other

In Hungary, financial awareness is becoming more and more important of a topic, and for the groups left behind socially, and the elder generation, its importance is more notable than ever before.

In the accelerated World of the XXI. Century, the economy is constantly shifting and changing, high-risk financial products and services are offered more and more widely, the form of employment and the system of retirement changed, and consumption demands are getting higher as well. These factors demand that we show more awareness than ever, and the population face harder and more complex financial decisions every day.

One of the main goals of PLM is to develop the financial culture of the Hungarian population, as financial awareness is an integral part of an aware life management. Due to the Economic Slump, Hungary initiated financial awareness courses on top of each other. Currently, in Hungary, a whole slew of organisations aid the citizens in developing their financial culture, but the goal of the PLM Programme is our own education material, for “raising people to financial awareness”. Naturally, with the use of project management tools and methods.