On the table: financial awareness

2019 Blog, Other

The location of the workshop meeting of June, Kolozsvár was the auditorium of the Transylvania Museum Fellowship, Napoca st. 2. The workshop became the stage for exciting presentations, most notably about the opportunities of promoting project management knowledge to young adults, who are sucked into digitalisation, and about formal education framework for teaching project management knowledge in Romania. However, the central topic of the guided conference was the presentation of the Romanian partner organisation’s delegate. Dr. Kinga Kerekes’ presentation was about financial awareness. In her presentation, she stressed the actuality of the topic, the importance of what role families have in developing the financial awareness of their children, the “self-sustained” opportunities of developing financial intelligence, and the age bracket-specific development of child financial awareness. She also found it important to note that it’s never late to change our financial attitudes, as with better financial planning, we can get closer to a form of life that we wish to live. In the following blog entries, we’ll show a more detailed overview of these topics.