The PLM Academy is open for business

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In March 2019, the development of the Project Life Management Programme came to another milestone. The Project Life Management Academy opened its gates in Miskolc. Local community organisations, family protection organisations, local companies’ education experts, delegates of education institutions, and Dr. József Poór, the spokesperson for the Slovakian partner organisation were at the opening ceremony of the Academy.

The Academy offers courses for those who wish for change – courses which offer the necessary perspective and competences.

The basis of our education is the Project Life Management Programme, and its guidebook of Aware Life Management. The teachers of the Academy are University lecturers, and experts who have decades-long professional and educational experience. Due to taking personal demands into consideration, we work with small groups of 15 at most. This way, we can have the necessary level of care for all our students, who get personalised practical assistance tailored to their own situation.

The education programme offers four separate modules structured upon each other, but possible to complete individually:

–          Autognosis     
–          Choosing goals          
–          Self-management       
–          Project management in private life

The education palette is continuously getting more variety, and adapts to requirements using questionnaires, and consulting corporate leaders. We try to actively discover the niche that may help satisfy participant demands.