Systematic perspective in our everyday lives

2019 Blog, Other

During all our professional events, we introduce the base concept of the PLM Programme, go over its primary goals, the mission of the programme, and offer detailed information about the opportunities within the programme.

We always talk about how as part of the PLM Programme, we wish to give a systematic way of thought to our participants that wish to plan and manage all areas of their lives with awareness. But what exactly is this order and system in our everyday lives, and the systematic approach?

The basics of the system perspective in everyday life are barely known, and are even less applied, though whether we know or not, the systems’ rules and regulations are in effect regardless, and directly affect our environment. The system approach is the theory of organising and creating order that can be interpreted the most widely, in a sense. If we accept that man and environment work as a system, and accept that both man and environment need some form of fundamental order to operate properly, then within the two ‘entireties’, we can find the common basis that supports their cooperation.

Man exists in his / her workplace, family, circle of friends, hobby, and numerous other large systems, which are all elements of their direct environment. In many cases, these systems have differing goals, for example the goals for the workplace and family systems. However, if these are properly identified, and our systematic perspective knowledge (PLM) is properly applied, we can assure that these systems cooperate properly in the long-term much easier.