Let’s learn to collect experiences

2019 Blog, Other

In today’s rapid everyday life, most people with a family have trouble harmonising the tasks of their with a balanced family life. The equilibrium between work and private life is a must for a wholesome, active and healthy life. Disharmony leads to a stressful mental state, and burnout syndrome instead of a balanced, constant performance. In order to create perfect balance, both in family and at work (including employer and employee) we need to actively try to be aware, open in communication and try to harmonise the personal role in the family, and the professional role in the organisation. It’s highly important that when we spend time with the family, we concentrate fully on said family, the outer World has to be excluded in these cases, meaning no workplace and unrelated problems. This quality time serves as a catalyst to strengthen and deepen familial bonds, to make us truly care about each other, to collect experiences together, thereby strengthening the family unity. There’s no need to think World tours for this, but instead of surrounding ourselves with useless objects, gifting unnecessary articles to our loved ones, we need to try collecting experiences. These may be a good concert, a picnic, or a cinema visit. Later, when we have even more to do, and more responsibility to take on, thereby taking away even more time from us, such experiences will serve as a source of nourishment for the tired mind.