New phenomena on the labour market

2019 Blog, Other

The main topic of the professional event held in Debrecen was the introduction of current trends on the Hungarian labour market, and the expectations for the future. The never before seen development of technology also caused the labour market to change its structure. The unstoppable trend of the current labour market dictates that the size of the labour source became much smaller, however, lack of labour and unemployment started appearing at the same time en-masse. All these result in how we need to stress the importance of employment possibilities more in the future, and awareness in job seeking.

The situation is further complicated by how the four generations currently active on the labour market have trouble working together because of the differences in needs, and as such, requires special competences to handle.

Due to rapid information flow, keeping knowledge updated daily will become the most important task of education in the future. A motivated, happy and self-confident adult student will be capable of expanding their horizons in a way that they positively affect the development of society and economy alike. In order to reach an employment level as high as possible, the labour market and the education system have to be synchronised, by renewing and redesigning the latter.