The role of intuition, and aware rationality

2019 Blog, Other

As we already mentioned in our earlier blog post, we have to consider both the rational and the emotional thought process during decision making. The everyday usage of the PLM perspective does not mean excluding emotions and inklings, it simply offers help with understanding which life situations are where we can rely on our intuition, how much we can trust our emotions, and when’s the time to analyse our decision alternatives sufficiently, We may call this process aware rationality as well, or the cooperation between the brain and the heart, or perhaps, synchronisation between the two sides of our brains.

During our rational decisions, our experiences, learning, reading, and other external sources act as crutches for us, and we filter the inner voice of our emotions. We decide only along facts and rational arguments. Yet, our intuition often turns out to be a competent advisor, since the mind is wielding a “toolbox” that offers simple tools for the solution of complex problems. By using the PLM approach, we can find the healthy balance that helps syncing up rational and emotional decision making to each other.