Usage of well-tested methods

2020 Blog, Other

In our previous blog, we mentioned that the novelty and fear of usage associated with the PLM methodology seems to currently hamper people in using this well-structured and beneficial tool. We also said that Hungarian people aren’t sufficiently open for innovation, they’re afraid of new things, rigidly keeping to old, well-tested methods. They don’t realise that every change is an opportunity.

Most people don’t deal well with change, but if changes are managed properly, and enough time is dedicated to introducing new methods and processes, we can succeed in applying new knowledge next to our old experiences.

The successful application of the PLM methodology requires us to think differently.

We need to rethink our goals, our processes, and the management of our entire lives. There are many who are scared of this task, or have trouble accepting the method’s efficiency.

One thing is for sure: we need to exit our comfort zones in order to accept a new perspective, and we need to learn how to use the new method. This consumes a lot of energy and attention, but with the successful employment of PLM methodology, returns on investment are guaranteed.