Wisely invested time

2020 Blog, Other

The time- and cost-efficiency training mentioned the often mentioned time management methods as well, and various time efficiency techniques’ effectiveness. This blog will deal with time, and money – as our finite resources – management.

Everyone knows the saying “Time is money”. However, this doesn’t mean that time equals money. It’s more of a situation where using the concept of so-called missed opportunities, we can realise our tasks and reach our goals with more success by investing our time more efficiently. However, in order to do this, we need a perspective which offers our time not an opportunity to waste it, but make itself a valuable investment.

It is our own decision if we invest our time into activities which take us closer to reaching our life goals, or into ones that take us further from them. Every time-wise investment carries costs related to missed opportunities, as the moment we choose an activity, we miss the opportunity to do something else. As we know, time is a finite resource in constant shortage. An hour spent in front of the TV takes away from time we can spend with family and friends, or ourselves.

Meaning, we should always concentrate on the point, use the 80/20 Pareto principle’s rules, as 80% of the things we do every day are average (wasting time included, as it yields little to no results), and merely 20% of them are decisive (in other words, important for our development).

We can spare money, but we can’t spare time, as if time goes by, it’s lost forever. Our only option is to be more aware when investing it in the future.