World Café, leading us back from virtual to real

2020 Blog, Other

In our previous blog, we introduced the World Café method, which we learned about during our 19. April, 2019. fieldwork, since the ‘host’ partner in Slovakia employs it to a great degree of success.

In this blog, we’ll extend on perhaps the most notable advantage of the method, the importance of discussion and personal communication, which is losing ground steadily in today’s digital world.

Our hastily developing digital world hosts virtual value – often only perceivable through screens or storage drives, perhaps screened by projectors – which often completely disconnects from the main goal of said values – human knowledge, effort, and most importantly, reality. Human knowledge and effort thrives not in the virtual world, but in the trust and responsibility between partners. The primary platform for these is personal communication. The efficient communication practice is based on open listening, and authentically, honestly transmitting clear thoughts supported by logically sound, convincing reasoning.

When World Café hosts a discussion, apart from participants, thoughts and ideas also converge, traverse tables, and conduct value-creating communication, inspiring participants.