Digital revolution in Hungarian enterprises

2020 Blog, Other

The training hosted by Dr. József Poór showed participants that the digital revolution was late to Hungary, and we’re handicapped in adapting digital technological solutions not only compared to developed countries, but regional competitors as well. This blog discusses a few reasons for this.

Based on the data from several instances of research, we can state that Hungary has the technology at hand, both data transfer and infrastructure are sufficient, and we’re worst in usage statistics, technology integration and preparedness for the future.

In spite of the enterprise managers mostly seeing new opportunities in digitalisation, there’s no unified enterprise strategy for it, as they don’t define actual business steps for the complete digital transformation of the company. One of the most notable reasons to this is that among enterprise managers, the demand for digital transformation is high, but mid-tier managers and other levels of the enterprise are not dedicated enough for a change, and often the digital competences necessary aren’t available either.