The value of creative human minds is increasing

2020 Blog, Other

Between 2008 and 2010, the intensive usage of technology exploded in Hungary, and to date, keeps advancing. Employees fear that there won’t necessarily be enough training or re-training for a well-paying job, since automation or other innovative technologies simply take their spots.

However, technological development also creates lots of jobs and work descriptions. New positions are much more complex, as simple, routine work can be automated, prompting robots to do them instead of humans.

Therefore, technological development itself has lots of positive impact on the human perspective as well, there’s an increase in educated and creative human minds, and loyalty and dedication become things worth any price.

This is why employees think that it’s their own responsibility to learn and educate themselves. Decision-makers have increasing responsibilities too, in terms of not only investing into technology, but keeping employees and developing soft skills to at least an equal degree.