Importance of a project’s closing procedure

2020 Blog, Other

Usually, reporting and accounting for a project’s closure are less pronounced in importance than the other activities realised during the project itself. This is a great error, as the goal of project closure reports is to summarise and introduce the experiences from conducted activities and executing the project. These experiences can help us for future projects, by helping us avoid avoidable errors.

The drawing of conclusions is most prevalent in the closure’s result-oriented approach, as in this phase, we can report how the areas of the “magic triangle” were implemented during the project:

  • what quantity and quality of goals and performances were realised compared to starting conditions and targets
  • did we manage to conclude the task by the deadline, were there misses, how internal milestones were kept, i.e. to what level efficient time management was realised
  • how goals and deadlines related to our resources, competences, connections, tools and financial options
  • and how the environmental factors affected the successful, timely finish of the project according to starting targets.