PLM educational tales, AKA aware development

2020 Blog, Other

One of the most important mission and goal of the PLM programme; to make our children, the future generations into valuable and useful members of a society we ourselves can also influence, that don’t find trouble in standing their ground in life, don’t get scared from managing problems, and most importantly, shelve the general Hungarian pessimistic thought process, and bring in a positive future.

Schools teach our children lots of useful things, but educating key competences which help them become balanced, happy, self-managing and responsible, practice-oriented adults, sadly isn’t present in our education just yet. Based on this, there was a demand for promoting educational tales to children on the professional event in Miskolc, 4. November, that would tell children about the basics of aware life management on their own language. The goal of the educational tales is to induce interest in small children towards the unique knowledge areas of project management. The tales would playfully teach them aware thought process, and identification of complex connections between things.