Creating opportunities in society

2020 Blog, Other

One of the central topics of the professional anniversary conference held in Hernádvécse, 15. November was creating opportunities in society, helping the handicapped social castes catch up, and the toolset of doing so.

Nowadays, this topic is very timely, because in order to help those at the very edge of society catch up need not the treatment for symptoms, but true practical intervention creating real opportunities. Labour market integration (getting a job, employment structure) and strengthening it, and the improvement of availability for education improving opportunities required PLM to make education courses and trainings for this social caste, helping them develop.

In the peripheral areas of society, and among those living in poor families, it would be imperative to begin a perspective change that instead of leaves the same handicapped life to future generations, aims to reach catching up to higher castes, aware change, and will to move. The toolset of project management and management competencies help these people significantly in reforming their thoughts fundamentally. This may send them on a positive route that, though in small steps, walks towards bettering their life quality.

Since when the numbers of those on the edge of society increase, the stability of the entirety of said society is at risk, and unemployment hampers economic development which serves as a basis for the wellbeing of society at large.