Coordinating everyday activities

2020 Blog, Other

One of the central topics talked about at the 15. November, Hernádvécse anniversary conference was creating opportunities in society, catching up of handicapped social castes, and its toolset. In our previous blog, we talked about how important it would be to give people living in poor families knowledge about the toolset of project management and general management competences, for the sake of their catching up. This could help them reshape their thinking process. This blog details the method of acclimatisation, in other words, the usage of project management tools in everyday life.

In today’s selfish world, where people live shallow lives, often times deciding simply on appearances, and jealously look at the dutiful scholarship student, the caring, family-oriented mother, the ambitious expert, or the successful entrepreneur. They don’t look beneath the surface in hopes of understanding what assisted these people in reaching successes, or what they themselves need to change in order to make their own lives more successful.

The key to success is none other than the toolset of project management. We need to aim for a quality life, a well-chosen set of communication tools adaptable to the situation, and we have to manage our human relationships, efficiently distribute 24 hours each day, all the while choosing realistic goals, and aim to actualise them. In order to reach these goals, we need to assign tasks properly after having deconstructed them, and have to match costs to the tasks at hand. We need to procure the resources necessary for this, and we must aim to minimise risks involved, and also take the needs of stakeholders into consideration. Therefore, if we think about it, we need the most important management competences during the coordinating of our everyday lives’ activities that we can associate with the 10 knowledge areas of project management. These areas need to be learned one by one, to make the system operate efficiently.