New labour market trends – job hoppers

2020 Blog, Other

On the 15. November, members of the project owner EUROPÉER Foundation and our Slovakian partner organisation, the Selye János University participated in the III. HR Symposium and Professional Forum of Debrecen.

The central topic of the forum were the current labour market trends, examples of which were digitalisation, Industry 4.0 affecting the labour market, sectoral effects, talent management, generation management, job hopping, HR branding and work experience.

A job hopper is a person who frequently changes workplace, up to several times a year. Naturally, everything has its merits and drawbacks. Being a job hopper doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of direction; quite the contrary, as a true job hopper is open, aware, self-assured and doesn’t fear change.

Several instances of research suggest that today’s youth form their willingness to work based on the attitude of the employer, the workplace environment, and the opportunities to learn and develop. These perspectives are even above wages. Another point to consider is that most youths don’t get employed in the profession they obtained a diploma of.

Large enterprises are the forerunners in creating a friendly, familial workplace environment for their employees. Let us remember for example the game-ified Google offices, the Prezi office, or such similar enterprises, which consider the leisure of their employees, and dreamt environments that are inspirational. For the members of the Y and Z generations, these areas are very enticing. All youths may dream of working in a place where they can play table tennis, mini soccer, pool, or have a seat on the beanbags, maybe slide from one floor to a lower one during their lunch break. The colours and shapes of the furniture determine the mood of the employee, as people tend to prefer working in an environment that’s different to the classic white walls.