HR Symposium and Professional Forum, Debrecen

2020 Blog, Other

On the 15. November, members of the project owner EUROPÉER Foundation and our Slovakian partner organisation, the Selye János University participated in the III. HR Symposium and Professional Forum of Debrecen.

The central topic of the forum were the current labour market trends, examples of which were digitalisation, Industry 4.0 affecting the labour market, sectoral effects, talent management, generation management, job hopping, HR branding and work experience.

Experts say that Hungary isn’t short of workforce, but the proper specific labour is in shortage. The state of the labour market even made it necessary to form a new profession. This is none other than the HR brander, whose job is to make the company in question more enticing for the talented youth in possession of general competences. They’re the ones convincing the potential employee that the career options, constant motivation and proper colleagues are waiting for them in said enterprise.

The day consisting of 20 specific presentations were followed by sections in the afternoon, where new professionals became entrants for round table discussions on the aforementioned topics. One of the goals of the symposium and forum’s plenary presentations is to show best practices and the regional labour market’s state, which offer challenges for organisations’ practice and everyday activities.