Aging in good health

2020 Blog, Other

As we already mentioned in an earlier blog post, Györgyi Dr. Lakatosné Szuhai held a presentation on Project Life Management – project perspective in everyday life through the glasses of the Wizened in the Miskolc home of Hungary’s Academy of Science.

The central topic of the presentation was the aware management of the retired generation’s life situations, as even at this age, we need to manage our projects, and live our lives with proper awareness.

The age group of the wizened consists of retired, and those awaiting retirement. They are also interested in a multitude of topics – examples are financial security, in other words, how their retirement pension will keep them afloat. Another example is the thought of becoming unnecessary, and what they’ll do with all the free time they find themselves having. What’s most important is to think positively. Spending quality time with family as much as they can, being with friends, finding a hobby, and if not, sports, and using those to keep physical fitness and mental health – keeping knowledge level and developing it.

All of this needs to be based on the competences necessary for project management, but as we know, said project management isn’t a competence born with us, as we can learn it, regardless of the age group we belong to.