The PLM system offers help in any life situation

2020 Blog, Other

Györgyi Dr. Lakatosné Szuhai held a presentation on Project Life Management – project perspective in everyday life through the glasses of the Wizened in the Miskolc home of Hungary’s Academy of Science.

In her presentation, she mentioned the five process groups of project management – preparation, planning, actualisation, monitoring-controlling, closing – which we can employ awareness in using for our private life projects too.

If we know the tools and methods of the system for specific life situations, we can also employ them with ease. Depending on what life situation we are in, we can lift a different tool from the figurative “toolbox”.

Obviously, we have different problems and situations, depending on who we are – pre-schoolers, middle- and high schoolers, career starters, divorced, unemployed, executives or those awaiting retirement. Different life situations necessitate different competences, but the toolset of PLM offers aid for successfully managing any life situation.

It helps high schoolers in search of themselves on the road to adulthood, and helps those awaiting retirement who are scared of feeling unnecessary. It helps by offering realistically define goals and the opportunity to re-plan, and the PLM system’s other elements, we merely need to understand which element of the system we need to reach for at any time.