Effects of the conference

2020 Blog, Other

The closing conference held on 15. October obtained a wide professional acclaim, as neither in Hungary, nor on the international scene can we find an initiative or programme which offers guidance into using project perspective and management tools in everyday life, motivating employees, gaining their loyalty, educating younger generations and integrating them into the labour market, or creating a balance between work and private life.

As proven by facts stated during the conference, realisation that the most basic levels need to be reformed, and that our educational, training systems need to go through a full paradigm shift is being acknowledged by an ever wider audience. Using the project perspective in private life and educating society for “awareness” may serve as the basis of a pedagogy paradigm shift.

During the conference, not only employers and the representatives of the enterprise sector made their results known, but researchers and professionals who only formed a scientific basis for project management tools and techniques’ usage and positive effects did as well.

The Professional Project Life Nonprofit Co. Ltd. has several partners for realising projects and organising educational activities, but the conference was a wonderful opportunity to forge new partnerships, and strengthen those that already existed. We aim to help each other with our partners, capitalising on the connection networks we’ve built.

After the conference, several profit-oriented enterprises contacted us that they wish to have their employees attend our training courses.

Furthermore, since 2013, we’ve had several Hungarian universities cooperate with us (Szent István University, Science University of Szeged), and have organised several student seminars in project-based life management topics. Due to the conference, further educational institutions asked about opportunities of efficient cooperation.