The main mission and goal of the PLM programme

2020 Blog, Other

Though it is an “old boot”, we must state it again and again: the earlier the individual realises the positive effects of awareness on all areas of life, the more balanced the individual’s everyday life will be. By teaching our children to live with awareness and reason, they begin a self-propelling process within themselves where they become a more balanced and responsible adult. They learn the importance of designating realistic goals and a future vision, learn how to communicate efficiently, and by having healthy self-confidence, they learn how to manage themselves better. If they experience failure, they also know how to exploit their faults as a basis for future growth. These competences and the perspective unifying them make our children into a decisive decision-maker, practical-oriented leader, useful team player, system-level thinker, competent problem solver, self-reliant executive and goal-oriented person.

This is why it would be important to implement teaching the project perspective into the education system on all of its levels, as different educational material needs to be given to children, young adults, and adults, but the most efficient way would be to raise our children in this spirit from grade school age.

This is the most important mission and goal of the PLM programme; to make our children, the future generations into valuable and useful members of a society we ourselves can also influence, that don’t find trouble in standing their ground in life, don’t get scared from managing problems, and most importantly, shelve the general Hungarian pessimistic thought process, and bring in a positive future. Schools teach our children lots of useful things, but educating key competences which help them become balanced, happy, self-managing and responsible, practice-oriented adults, sadly isn’t present in our education just yet.